Property Management and Marketing of short term rental flats.

Are you looking for Maximum returns on your rental property ?   Short term rental of your flat is the best way how to appreciate your investment and get maximum rentals.

What does short term rental means:

It means renting a flat to a visitors, corportate guests or tourists for minimum one day, maximum half a year. Short term rentals are becoming more popular all over the world.  Guests prefer bigger rooms, equipped with kitchen, cleanliness and better price in comparison to a hotel room.

Who is this service intended for: 

For owners of properties with suitable location, (city centre, proximity to airport or station or corporate hubs, holiday location, proximity to reputed educational institutes) who are interested in exceptional income. 

Advantages of short term rentals:

  • Higher yield in comparison to long term rentals,  upto 9% p.a.
  • The flat is less used and has less wear and tear because it is not constantly occupied.  Corporate guests or tourists just use the flat for short term, the kitchen is not used for everyday cooking etc.
  • The flat is regularly cleaned and checked which means it is kept in the best shape.
  • Safer option, as our verified guests vacate the flat
  • Biggest advantage is whenever you wish to use the flat for personal use, you can tell us in advance, and we will reserve the dates for you.

Why should you do short term renting with Pride Concierge LLP :

Publicity:Thanks to our well designed reservation system that is connected to all important global reservation system, we increase the possibility that guests will be made aware of your flat.

Above Average Returns: We do everything to maximise your yield and minimise hassle.

Receive guaranteed rent: You can relay on regular monthly income from us, no matter if tenants move out or do not pay.

Professionally managed: We professionally manage your property so that the occupancy is higher and it has less costs.  We take care of everything and you can save time and relax.

Prevention from damage: For each flat, we have a detailed inventory of all equipemnt, which is checked by our employees after each check out.  The reservation is possible only with a deposit and credit card details, so when there is some damage the guests pay for it like in a hotel.

Would like to know how it works, contact us for free assessment of your property and the roadmap for extra income.